Lunch with Bhuphendra

My friend Bhupen

My friend Bhupen

Day 76 – Location: Kathmandu; Nepal


Now the festival was over I really needed to get out of Kathmandu. I was bored and felt quite isolated despite being surrounded by people. However I’d heard from Sophie (the German girl I’d met at Pashupanitath) that her and Jhabraj, her Nepali host would be coming to Kathmandu in a day or two: after that I should be able to join them back up north to stay in Jhabraj’s village for a bit. It sounded good so I had a day to burn before meeting them. I decided to knuckle down with some serious diary/blog work, I walked to Thamel and sat in a garden on the wi-fi. Keeping on top of the blog is hard work – aside from typing up every day’s events I then do an edit of each post before publishing, and then there’s also the photos to select and insert into each post, which takes ages especially with the terrible wi-fi in Nepal. Despite the pain in the ass it can become, I think it’ll be worth it to be able to read back in years to come – and it’s also a good backup for my best photos.


During my writing session I was contacted by Bhupen, from Fantastic Nepal holidays, who had arranged my trek. We decided to meet for lunch in Thamel to catch up. He took me to a great little local place decorated like temple roofs inside. It was a haunt for young Nepali people. We chatted for hours.



Afterwards I went back home and spent the rest of the day reading and sorting my iTunes out. I got a call from Jhabraj. He and Sophie would arrive tomorrow and I could meet them then. Perfect timing.

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