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The Fishtail

The Fishtail

Technology, why do you hate me? My laptop broke – again. So there won’t be any updates for a little while, maybe a week or so. Let’s see if the Vietnam computer wizards can sort out my hard drive, then I’ll have to install everything again. Thank god 9 months of travel photos are backed up! As you can gather I don’t get a chance to update very often – the volume of photos and lack of good wi-fi in South East Asia puts paid to that, plus I am doing all of these things you’re reading about so it’s hard to find time and energy at the end of a long day to write and edit my blog posts! Maybe I should stop partying so much….. naaaah 🙂

Back soon with posts about doing a homestay in a Nepali village up in the mountains. I’ll leave you with a gallery of some of my favourite Nepal photos from this blog to tide you over! Click on the photos to view bigger and go into slideshow mode.


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