New Photo Story Documentary

The village school which takes classes for a number of the surrounding villages

Karmidanda Photo Documentary

So the link above is my first real documentary photo story – in Nepal. I am tackling my “body of work” now I have my porfolio out of the way. This is a look at the traditional mountain village of Karmidanda in Nepal where I stayed for a number of weeks. Photo stories can be presented in a number of ways – you can just have photos, you can have a bit of intro text, or it can be a whole load of writing interspersed with the photos. At the moment I’m experimenting and would be interested to know your thoughts on the intro/captions format I’ve chosen for this one.

Collating my photos into collections and photo stories to create a body of work is the next big phase for my photography backlog. I was lucky enough during my travels to meet a number of top tier photographers, guys who have been published in big things, newspapers and publications like National Geographic and Time. Advice that was consistent between them when they saw my photos, was that my photography style would suit grouping into stories and collections. Although due to the documentary style of many of them, and my lack of experience/emphasis on photography at the time they may not all stand alone as great photos. But together they paint a picture of a time, a place, an experience and a story. I hope to do a lot more of these in future and learn which styles of photo stories suit me better. Hopefully it will lead to more focussed projects in future shoots too. Enjoy!

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