A Frosty, Foggy Winter Afternoon in the Countryside

Winter is coming! This week the temperature really dropped here in the Scottish Borders, and it got very frosty. One particularly freezing day I set out to take some photos as the landscape was transformed.

Early afternoon, the sun emerged and its heat caused a thick fog to envelope the countryside, creating an amazing atmosphere.

It was so beautiful that I spent hours out in the frosty, foggy afternoon walking by the river and taking photos, with an audiobook for company.

I stopped in at the plush restaurant at the visitor centre for historic Abbotsford House for some lunch, the big building you can see in a few of the photos below.



As the afternoon faded, the cool tones from earlier were warmed with the orange light from the sunset.



What an amazing afternoon! Here’s a gallery of photos from the day. Click on a photo to enlarge.