Koh Tao – Snorkelling Around

Day 16

Had the best sleep for weeks on the surprisingly soft bed in the beach hut. In Thailand they seem to like their beds and their women hard (one bit of that might be made up). The weather forecast had been wrong. It was cloudy and warm, not a lightning storm! I went snorkelling in the morning, swimming right out into the bay before the big boats arrived. I ran into a lot of really big schools of fish, many different kinds and bigger fish than usual, which was cool. I saw the big corals that the divers go down to see too


Mmmph mmph mmmmmmphh mmmphhhh mmmmph!


Then I rested on the beach and could feel the sun trying to burn me even through the clouds. The beach was busier today, everyone spread in a big line on the white sand.Over lunch the skies darkened and the rains descended. My plan was to snorkel again but when I went to get my gear in my hut I lay down for a minute and fell asleep for 4 hours! Woke up at 5pm feeling very groggy. My sleep pattern is so messed up with all the travelling and shoulder problems.

I had dinner at the frog restaurant again and found them this time, fat toads in the artificial pools, with big air sacs to make all that hubbub. The light from the torch made them stop croaking so much.The swelling in my arm had all but gone today. No amputation needed, fingers and arms crossed!

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